Think Before Acting

        Cronk-Home-Inspection was on a house inspection in Tracy as the I was walking the house the seller was right there behind me trying to fix everything I was writing up. It was all the basic little stuff nothing to big of a concern. As I noticed the garbage disposal was bound up by an unknown object the seller insisted he was going to fix it right away. The seller grabs a big screwdriver and turns on the disposal and then proceeds to stick the screwdriver down the disposal just cranking on it trying to spin the disposal with  the screwdriver. He continued to do this for a few minutes I told him that there is an allen wrench hole made to spin the disposal without it being turned on. As I was getting ready to leave the seller looks up and says “look its a penny” as he says that he reaches his hand in the disposal to grab the penny that is binding up the blades. The inspector screamed at him “stop stop” turn off the disposal before you loose your hand. He then looked up and the look in his eyes was of embarrassment and gratefulness that he didn’t loose his hand. Seller then says ill fix it later.” Good call” I said and went on my way. Moral of this blog is if you ever want to do your own repairs and are unsure what you are doing please turn the power  or water off first.


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